Sunday, January 4, 2009

Secret Time

I understand, better than some, that people come in all shapes and sizes. I understand that it is not always that person's fault if they are overweight. I also understand that some people are happy with the size they are and feel no need to change.

That said, sometimes when I see obese people I cringe. I don't cringe b/c I think they are gross I cringe because I don't want to become them. I am not happy with the weight I am at now and the thought of getting larger horrifies me. I can't imagine my life in a larger size.

I use people I see in the community who are obese as a motivator. A few months ago at the grocery store I was eyeing some donuts and had just picked up the package when down the aisle came a man on an electric cart. He was quite large, larger than the cart, and it was enough of a wake up call for me to put the donuts back. Thank you cart man!

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