Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Changing Their World

My boys are eaters!! They are growing boys who seem to like to go through growth spurts at the same time. My fridge is forever looking sad and empty and my pantry grows bare within hours of shopping. Here's the thing though, they like junk. What kid doesn't? Cheetos, gummies, sugary cereal, Kool aid, dessert....all favorites of theirs.

Here's where the title comes in. They still have their fair share of kid (slightly junky snacks) but they are definitely eating more healthy. My four year old now talks about meat and how it's good for your body and how milk gives you strong bones. He knows what foods are healthy and what aren't. I love it. He is also noticing activities that require more energy and labeling them "exercise". He loves to exercise and says it is making his body bigger and stronger. I love that. I love that he gets it and is excited about it.

Lately my boys have been whipping through things like cheese, yogurt, apples, bananas, oranges, wheat thins and eggs. Yay!! I will forever be grateful to this process for helping me change their world.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I was getting ready to throw the scale out the window. Well, I would have thrown it out if the windows weren't frozen shut ;) I have been struggling with 2-3 pounds for a while now, up and down, down and up. I never thought I'd get here but I did!!! Today's weight was 285.8! I have now lost 20.2 pounds! Yay!

I have 9.8 left too lose, give or take a little. The bariatric center wants me to get to 282 fully clothed (which adds about 3 pounds). So technically I could get to 279 and probably be OK but....I am hoping to lose the full 9.8.

These 2-3 pounds were tough ones and it makes me nervous about the remaining 9.8. I hope they all don't want to stick around as much as these did. Listen body, I know it's winter and fat is an insulator but I promise I will wear layers!!

A few people are noticing the weight loss now. My chiropractor asked last night and then said that usually around 20 pounds is when it is noticeable. My son's speech therapist said my pants were fitting me differently. I don't remember what I said exactly but what I wanted to say was "yea, my sausage thighs and fat ass seem to not be shrink wrapped in them anymore." Everything fits better and I have a few pairs of pants I am hoping to shrink into soon.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Self Sabotage

I do it. I have always done it when it comes to losing weight (and other things too). It's like I start being successful at whatever I set my mind to and then I start doing things knowing that they will cause failure. WHY?? I found a really great article online today. Read it here:

It actually makes some sense to me. I am still seeing myself and thinking of myself as a fat person. As a fat person, in that mindset it's OK to eat junk and it's OK to skip workouts. What I need to do is start thinking like the person I want to be. I need to think like the new healthier me. It sounds hoaky and weird but I get it.

So that's it....good bye fat Colleen, you are out of here! No more self sabotage, no more "fat" thoughts. You are good enough, you are healthy, you deserve this and it's the best thing you have ever done for yourself.


Do you find music motivating? I use music to relieve stress and put me in a better mood. The other day I realized I could listen to music while I was walking and perhaps that would help keep the pace up. So I found our MP3 player and loaded it with a few of my get up and go songs. I always find other peoples choice in music interesting so I though I would share my playlist.

Aerosmith ~ Pink
Britney Spears ~ Womanizer
Janet Jackson ~ Nasty
Janet Jackson ~ What Have You Done for Me Lately
Bon Jovi ~ Bad Medicine
AC/DC ~ You Shook Me All Night Long
2 Unlimited ~ Get Ready For This
Technotronic ~ Pump Up the Jam
La Bouche ~ Sweet Dreams (club mix)
Def Leppard ~ Let's Get Rocked
Pink ~ So What
Metro Station ~ Shake It

It's a really random mix but works for me so far! My favorite right now is So What by Pink!