Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I hurt my back. I have no idea how, it just started hurting out of the blue yesterday afternoon. I had to babysit, as well as, watch my own kids so I took some Tylenol and dealt with it. It felt better last night, sore but not excruciating, so I went for my nightly walk. I had company and walked a little slower than I would have normally and I felt fine. In the middle of the night I awoke to PAIN! Searing, burning, OMG I can't move pain. It still hurts today. Tylenol dulls the roar but doesn't make it completely better. I really just want to know what I did. I'm scared this will slow down the weight loss as I can't possibly get a good work out in if I am hurting. Sigh. It's always something huh?

The good news is that the scale has been moving again and I am now past the half way mark. It's a good thing too b/c I was losing hope. I was doing everything I was supposed to and nothing was happening, it made me want to eat cake :)


  1. How is your back now, Colleen? That sounds awful. Back pain is the worst. I know a good chiropractor in MA, if you get desperate.

    That's fabulous about passing the halfway point. Good job!

  2. It gets better with pain meds so right now it's OK. I know a good chiro too but she's closed on Wednesdays, go figure!