Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's About TIme

Morbidly obese? Not me! Today my BMI dipped below 40 and I am no longer considered "morbidly" obese. I have now dropped 58.8 pounds and 9.5 points from my BMI. Those are things to celebrate :)

I am desperately trying to reach my goal of 245 by my appt. on Monday. I am at 247.2, just 2 pounds away!!!! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.......

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


NSV's are non scale victories and I have had a few lately!

Last Friday I went on a walk with S, Big guy, Little Guy and some family in town for Big Guy's party. At the end, Big guy wanted to race me to the end of the trail (he was on his scooter). I jogged the last stretch of trail no problem and at the end I was NOT winded!!!! Yay! After that we went out to dinner, which I did not overeat at and then to a playground. The next NSV came when I realized my big behind actually fits on the slide again ~ woohoo! And then......I did the monkey bars! I have not been able to do the monkey bars since I was a kid, it was great (aside from the resulting blisters and arm pain the next day ;)

Big Guy's party led to yet another NSV. I was looking through pictures that my brother in law sent and at one point there was someone standing behind one of the kids and I thought it was Grammy. In my head I said "hmm....grammy looks a little chunky in this pic. I wasn't being critical I just hadn't noticed while she was there and thought it was odd. Then I realized the person in the background was ME! I'll take "a little chunky" any day.

The scale is still at 249 for now. I had dropped to 248 but I did have some cake and non diet foods with the party and all so that's OK. I have my follow up appt. and first fill appt. on Monday. I need to go back and see what my goal was for that...hmmmm.....right now I am hoping to get to 246 by then but it's going to be tough.