Saturday, May 2, 2009

Planes Are Designed for Barbie

Yesterday, a week since my last post I got back n the scale and it still said 283. Phew. Last Saturday I hit 281.8 but bounced back up. I'm OK with that, we're still getting some where.

In other news, I'm in San Antonio! I came to visit a friend and am hoping to have some good fun this weekend. Flying to San Antonio meant sitting in a plane seat? Any larger people (the airline will call you customer of size) done that lately? Wow. I was soooooo nervous about whether or not I would fit into the plane seat or if I'd be asked to buy a second seat. Then I was nervous about the seat belt and needing an extender. Other people didn't get it and thought nothing of me needing to ask for one. It's just embarrassing to me. "Hey, hello there, flight attendant.....I've managed to cram my fat ass into this seat made for Barbie over here but this 3 inch long seat belt just ain't going to cut it....perhaps Barbie could use it as a thong." So, I did manage to fit into one seat, some more comfortably than others. I did, also, need a seat belt extender. (Insert panic here) I needed about another 2 inches of belt, 2 measly inches. Sigh...... It wasn't the most horrible thing ever to ask for one but still embarrassing and I did try to hide it from fellow travelers. I am not proud of my size and it was just another little reminder that I am not like most other people.