Thursday, May 7, 2009

25 Days

I have twenty five days, including today, to get to the goal weight set for me by the Bariatric Surgery Center. So....hmmm....let's do some math. I am up 3 pounds since the great Texas eating vacation of 2009 which puts me back at 286 (naked). My goal is 283. It sounds like a measly 3 pounds but since, THANKFULLY, they do not weigh you naked I need to account for 2-3 pounds of clothing + lucky me will be ovulating right around then and retaining some lovely water weight. Roughly, I have about 9 pounds to lose and because rounding is fun, let's say 10. 10 pounds in 25 days?? That is .4 pounds a day. Time to get serious.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

USAir rocks!

Thank you US Airways! Your seats were roomy, far more than that other airline and the seat belt fit without an extender, in fact, I had room to spare. Thank you for making me feel like I belonged on that plane and not like I was trying to squeeze into Barbies corvette.

On a side note; 4 days of vacation yummy Mexican food and margaritas has left me higher on the scale than I am comfortable with. Some, if not most, is water weight, I'm more bloated than a Macy's day parade balloon. Ouch.