Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Which Way Is Up?

Can anyone please answer me that? I've lost my way, big time. It's been a YEAR since I focused, truly focused, on my weight. There are so many reasons why, some are excuses and some are genuine reasons.

I was depressed, am depressed. Some days are better than others, some months better than others. I like the meds (Effexor) I am on now but hate that I NEED them. Does that make sense? Sometimes the depression is a true sad feeling and other times it's just this lack of enjoyment and motivation. I can literally spend the entire day on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy and Friday Night Lights reruns and eating crap. One of the hardest things for me about depression is that I don't talk to my friends/family about it. I feel like they're over it, expect me to be better by now and don't want to hear about it. Blah.

There are two other things standing in my way of really focusing on me. Big guy and Little guy. Not only do I spend so much time and energy on them because they are busy guys in preschool and First grade but, I put them before me. I use my energy to make sure I do everything I can for them and leave little to nothing left for me. I also put them first with food. It's no secret to most of you we are poor. Food is expensive and despite what a lot of people say to the contrary healthy food is more expensive. I tend to buy the stuff the kids like and I know they will eat; pastas, rice, mac and cheese, etc. I make sure they get healthy foods too but here's the tough part. If you can only afford so much healthy food there isn't a lot to go around. That means, for me anyway, that the kids get it and I don't. I end up grazing and snacking on whatever I can find and it's very rarely the healthy stuff.

Sigh......I know I need to take care of me and who will take care of them if I am not here? I get it but putting it into practice is entirely different. I don't even know how I did it before, how I managed to focus on my health and eating healthy for a year and lose all that weight. How did I do it?

In order for me to be successful in weight loss again I know at least two things. 1) I need a fill.
2) I need to make and keep regular appts. for weigh in's so I can keep it real.

So I called the center and made an appt. to meet with the nurse and get a fill and I will make follow up appointments while I am there. I know she will help me get back on track.

It's going to be hard and it's an even harder pill to swallow b/c I'm starting over, again. My biggest fear going into lap band surgery was that it wouldn't work for me and where would that leave me. Well ladies and gentlemen, it leaves me here. Almost back to my highest weight and more depressed than I was pre-surgery. I had put all my hope into this surgery and over this year my hopes have been dashed. Is it the band's fault? Hell no. I know I didn't do my part. I guess I didn't realize how hard my part would be. I still struggle with food and hunger just as much as I did pre-band. I have this tiny glimmer of hope that someday I will find the "sweet spot" in my band and I won't struggle as much but it really is a tiny tiny glimmer........

I've learned a lot this year. I've learned who's on my side and who is not. I've learned that I am not as strong as I thought I was. I've learned that there are no miracle cures and quick fixes. I've learned that there's a lot more to me than my weight. I've learned that the people who love me will love me no matter what the scale says. I've learned that I need to love myself more.

So I'm back people. I get my fill Tuesday and I am TERRIFIED. I am worried she'll have a hard time accessing the port b/c of the weight gain, I'm worried I'll have to weigh in and she'll be disappointed, I'm worried I'll be too tight or not tight enough. Until then I am working on things mentally so I can recommit to this process. Wish me luck.