Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Disappointed and Discouraged

Back in January I met with the dietitian. She told me that once my file was complete it was taking 4-6 weeks to get an appt. with the surgeon and then surgery was generally scheduled 4-6 after that. It gave me hope. I have been dieting for several months. I have been successful at losing weight and that is great but it has been SO hard. I am literally hungry 24/7. I have tried to keep my brave face on and say it hasn't been that bad etc. but really? It's sucked.

Last week I completed my file for the bariatric center and have been looking forward to getting my appt. with the surgeon. I was hoping to get an appt. for the end of March. Today I got my letter in the mail, appointment date 6/1/09. Huh? 4-6 weeks has now turned into 3.5 months. I am so disappointed.

Then I started to feel discouraged. How am I going to handle another 3.5 months of this on my own? Another 3.5 months of constant hunger pains? I know I can and will but right now it just seems impossible and torturous.