Friday, January 23, 2009

Things that make you go hmmmm...

Ok, so I tried to blog the other day and had a nice long (BORING) post all typed out. I hit publish post, it failed and then it was gone. I guess that was a little divine intervention. I do believe the post would have bored you all to tears so thank you blogger god.

Yesterday I had to go to court for a hearing regarding my father's estate. After we finished, S and I went out for lunch. We chose Long Horn steak house b/c I figured I could get some good protein as well as a salad or veggies. Our server was super friendly and a real peppy guy. Personally, I think he'd had one too many Redbulls but at least he was friendly. He took our drink order and then asked if we wanted some bread. S did want some so off he went. He came back with this adorable little round loaf and set it on the table. A few minutes later I noticed our same server bringing bread to another table of two, and then another. Here's what made me go hmmm..... The other tables were only getting a half loaf. They had two people, we had two people, so what was the difference?? We were big girls and they were not. Did he give us the whole loaf b/c we are fat? Now, if I embraced my weight I'd say "isn't that nice that he noticed we have big appetites and he gave us more." However, I do not embrace my weight and I was slightly offended. In my head I could hear him thinking "Oh those fat girls are going to need a whole loaf."

Things that make you go hmmm......

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm sick

I have a cold and I want to feed it!! I want all those yummy comfort foods that I always turn to and I can't have them, this sucks! On top of all of that I have reached the second half of my cycle and am retaining water like no one's business. I've put on 6 pounds in 4 days. 1-2 of those are legitimate pounds I may have gained b/c I've been a little lax on the diet front and not exercising as much since I'm stuffed up and can't breathe. The rest are all water though and I feel it. My fingers are tight and I'm all puffy. I HATE hormones. Anyone have any tricks to get rid of extra fluid? I'm drinking a ton of water and tea for the cold but it's just not flushing out. I am also looking for ideas as to what I can feed my cold. :P

Sunday, January 18, 2009


So I missed secret day yesterday and was going to combine secret/success today but it's just not important right now.

An old friend of mine tried for years and years to get pregnant and stay pregnant. I met her when we both worked at the same child care center. She is an amazing person and so strong. I lost touch with her for a while and then discovered through Facebook that she was pregnant!!!! Hooray! She gave birth to her little girl on Thursday at her home. She had always wanted a home birth. Someone posted pics. of her beautiful daughter just seconds after the birth and I was overcome with happiness for my friend. This morning on Facebook she updated her status and said that she was home, her daughter was born on Thursday and then passed away peacefully in their arms in an area hospital on Saturday. I immediately teared up and felt such dread. I am so sorry for her loss and can not imagine what she and her husband must be feeling right now.

The world gained a new angel on Saturday. Eleanor, you are much loved and will be very missed.