Saturday, January 10, 2009


It's secret time!

I don't fit in with the preschool mom crowd. I feel so out of place among those women. I am the fat one. I am the poor one. The moms are all different shapes, sizes and ages but I am by far the largest mom. I hate that! They all seem comfortable in their own skin too which just makes me more self conscious. I'd love to be one of those moms that looks good no matter what she wears. You know what I mean, she looks great in jeans and a tshirt and somehow manages to make sweats look good. What the heck? As far as I know they all own their own homes, they drive nice cars. Me? I rent a tiny tiny apartment and my van is forever breaking down. I know that those are material things and shouldn't matter but sometimes, just sometimes, I long to have those things. I know that sounds snobby,maybe it's just that I am tired of things being so hard!


  1. ((hugs)) remember no one is perfect in fact perfect people dont exist. You are so beautiful inside remember that - it doesnt matter what people look like outside it is how they life their life. You are such a caring nice person! Hang in there ok on your journey!

  2. I have to aggree with what Kristen said, but in saying that I do know where you are coming from, I have often felt like this around many people, and mybe that is why now I don't have all that many friends.