Thursday, January 8, 2009

You're going to think it's crazy

I found a really yummy recipe but if you are anything like me you are going to read it and think it sounds crazy. I was skeptical, very much so. While browsing Hungry Girl I saw mention of making brownies or cake with diet soda. I couldn't find the recipe anywhere on that site so I Googled it and found many variations. Off to the store I went.

Here it is people;
1 brownie mix
1 can of diet soda (we had diet Dr. Pepper on hand)

Mix and bake according to directions on box.

The batter was fizzy and the end product looked funny but they are delicious!!! I am totally impressed. Substituting the diet soda for eggs and oil eliminates most of the naughtiness associated with brownies and they still taste great!! I made a square pan of brownies and cut it into 16 small squares. Each brownie has 125 calories and .625 grams of fat!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!

There are many variations to this recipe. You can use any cake mix as well and various flavors of soda will give great flavor combos. A great frosting trick I read was to use fat free Cool Whip and Sugar Free Fat Free pudding mix for a tasty topping.

Dessert!! Hooray!!

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