Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fill 'Er Up

I got my fill on Tuesday. It took two sticks which isn't the worst I've ever had it so I'll take it. She put in 2 CC's and brought me up to 5.2.

We talked about how I had gotten off track and how I was ready to get back on track. She asked about food; whether I was getting stuck a lot, hungry a lot, etc. I told her I could eat just about anything including all the taboo foods such as bread, pasta and rice. She was shocked. So yea, I got 2 CC's which is the max they will give you at one time. I go back in one month to weigh in and see if I need more.

The scale.....sigh. It was bad. I don't think I need to say more than that. I'm moving on.......

I did liquids and mushies for Tuesday and most of yesterday. I did give in and eat real food at dinner and I didn't have any trouble. I didn't get stuck and quite frankly I didn't feel really full either even after eating a large portion. Sigh again. Looks like I will need to get stuck again next month. Boo.

I'm not really keeping track of the scale and weight thing here at home so I'll let you know next month how the weight thing is going. Deal? Thanks.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I've spent the last few days making a shift in my mind. It's been tough and trust me, not easy. I've done a little bit of the last meal syndrome, as well, as the fill gets closer. I've definitely eaten a few things I should have passed on b/c I know post-fill they will be a no-go again. All in all though I think I am ready for the fill and the post-fill changes I need to make.

Last night Sadie and I took the boys to the playground and I brought a tennis racket and balls. As a kid I grew up across from a high school and spent many an hour hitting tennis balls off the brick walls. Last night I did the same thing and it felt great. I got a great workout and left very sweaty and tired. Big Guy tried to join in and did really well for his first time with a tennis racket. Hopefully he'll continue to practice and love it as much as I do.

That's all for now. Still nervous as heck about tomorrow but still going to go.