Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fill #2 and a few curse words

I went into fill number 2 with little concern. My first fill had been so quick and gone so smoothly. I should have known. Little Guy came with me and he was SO good. It took over 20 minutes with me on the table and he just sat and played with his baby doll and the plastic stomach model the nurse gave him. What a good kid. The fill...oh, the fill. She stuck me once and kept moving the needle around but could not access the port so she took a deep breath and tried again. No success. As a last ditch effort I rolled on my side and she stuck me again, it worked. Phew. I got 1cc to bring me up to a total of 4. I made an appointment for 2 weeks out for another fill since she doesn't think I'll have much restriction until at least 5cc's. I am not looking forward to doing that again.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Catching Up

It's been a busy few weeks. Right after my first fill the boys got sick. First Little Guy and then Big Guy. A few days later it was my turn. I didn't recover nearly as quick as the boys, ugh. After 7 days of feeling like horse poo I went to the doctor and she gave me some antibiotics, phew. All is well now :) In the beginning of not feeling well I gained weight. Nothing healthy sounded good. By the time I went to the doctors though I was back to where I had been, thank you! Then I just started losing.....I honestly wasn't even trying. I'll take it! So my new low is 242.8 :) I am up a bit this AM but forgot to take my diuretic BP meds yesterday so I am sure that attributed to it. We'll see what the scale says tomorrow.

My last post was an emotional one. I absolutely HATE the before pictures. I hated them when I first saw them months ago. My brother in law took them and put them on Facebook. I quickly de-tagged them. Ugh. I love the new pictures which is such an odd feeling, it made me cry. The person in the pictures matches the person I see in the mirror, finally. It's so hard because I am so hard on myself and still see how far I have to go but that post reminded me of how far I have come.

In other news, Big Guy starts Kindergarten TODAY!!! WOW! I have to go with him today for a sort of orientation but tomorrow he will board the big yellow bus (sniff sniff). Can someone pass the tissues?

I have another fill tomorrow as well, first thing in the morning. I need it and can't wait to see how it feels. I also need to get walking again. All the sickness led to a sedentary me, blech. Time to kick it up again and get moving. The weather is changing and that makes walks so much nicer. I love the cool Fall-esque weather :)

Well, hopefully that's it. I'll let you know how fill number 2 goes tomorrow!