Sunday, January 4, 2009


While the eating hasn't been going as well as I wish I can say that I have been successful in the exercise department. I have been taking the dogs for two walks a day! They aren't long walks by any means but I hope to add to them as I increase my stamina. The snow and ice have been an added challenge and my calves are getting a great work out. It feels a bit like walking in the sand at the beach.

Friday I went and got my exercise bike and it now resides in my living room. It's ugly and I hate I have no other place to put it but it is what it is. I got on it yesterday morning and did 15 minutes. I was hoping for 30 but it was bothering my hip (since having kids I have hips that like to pop).

So I am up and moving and getting fresh air. As an added bonus my dogs are getting exercise too! Woohoo!


  1. Yeah for getting some exercise!! I am glad you are focuses on the positives. Who cares if the scale is going up or down right now - the great thing is that you are making a lifestyle change!! I didnt know you had two dogs!! Have a good week!

  2. I was thinking of borrowing one of your doggers this weekend for the very same reason, but obviously it never happened. Did you have visitors? Did Steve/Ken help move the bike? Maybe I'll get a chance to stop in and see the favorite new stuffed animals...

  3. I have the lovely popping hips too :( It has gotten better the more I work out. Yay for getting on the bike and walking the dogs, I'm sure they are happier and healthier too!