Monday, December 14, 2009

Here It Is

Ok everyone, here it is, the honesty post.

I have declared today the day I will AGAIN jump back on the band wagon. I weighed in, and as embarassed as I am to say, I am at 260. At one point I was as low as 242 and the highest before now I had ever bounced up to was 253. So, 260 flat out sucks. 18 pounds??? I do wonder how much is water weight, I'd say at least 5 pounds but we'll find out today as I go back to basics and drink water and eat right.

I did have plans to hit the gym this AM but my children plotted against me. Yesterday Big Guy woke up with pink eye and Little Guy started sneezing late in the day and sounding congested. Between the two of them I was up 5 times last night and try as I may, there was just no way I was dragging my ass out of bed to go to the gym this morning. I was exhausted. So today I am taking Big Guy to the pediatrician and hanging out playing nurse to two unhappy boys. Tonight I have plans to finish up my Xmas shopping. Hopefully the boys will sleep better tonight and I can gym in the morning.

So there it is people....I've gained 18 pounds because my band was too tight. Don't be like me!!!


  1. Way to go for being honest! This is a great start to getting back on track. I also bet a good chunk of that weight will come off really fast! You can tackle this!

  2. You can do it, Colleen! Just be kind to yourself too and remember that the holidays are a rough time of the year for us all.

  3. At least you're facing it head on! You can do this. Keep us posted and let it all hang out, Colleen!!