Friday, December 18, 2009

How Was Day 4?

Not too bad....

B: crystal light
S: salad
L: tater tot casserole (SO not a healthy recipe)
S: ?? I don't think I had one
D: 1 whole slice cheese pizza at a kids bday and 2 small crusts leftover from Big Guy
S: some more tater tot casserole (it's gone now!!)

I spent the morning cleaning the kitchen so while it's not intense cardio or anything it wasn't sitting on my butt either. From about 12 on I was on the go running errands, taking Big Guy to skating, picking up DP, bringing Big Guy to a birthday party and then taking him Christmas shopping for his brother. I never did get that walk yesterday, after I blogged here I checked the temp and it was only 10....brrrr...... That was enough to deter me. I'll walk in the high teens and twenties but 10 is a little too low.

Little Guy sucumbed to the pink eye and is MISERABLE. His eyes are swollen nearly shut and his cold seems to be worse as well. Poor little guy. So, that paired with 3 degrees outside this AM means no walk for me this AM. I think by the time DP gets home though I'll be dying to get out for fresh air!!

I didn't weigh in yesterday and I'm not sure about today. I don't want to do it every day and get addicted to it again but I know I need to be careful and keep track. Such a tough balance for me. Hmmmmmm.......I'll let you know tomorrow!

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  1. I know as a child when I had pink eye it was always great to have a warm washcloth over my eyes. It was relaxing as well as helped with the "crust" that formed. TIP: make sure you toss the washcloth in the dirty laundry as soon as you're done with it (you don't want anyone else using it on accident). Also, change the pillow cases as often as possible (even every night if you have that many pillow cases to spare). Doing this will help him not to spread it or re-infect himself once he gets better.
    You might have already known all that, but hopefully i helped a little.
    Btw, it sounds like you're doing really well with this holiday season. I know it's hard. We're all going through it with you!! Keep up the good work! You're an inspiration to me!