Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 1 Back on the Wagon

I did pretty well yesterday. I had 2 multigrain rice cakes with 1 tablespoon each of peanut butter and jelly for breakfast, a burger (no bun) for lunch, and a salad with sliced steak for dinner. I snacked on popcorn and ate a few Dove chocolates. All in all, not bad at all. The scale was down 1.5 pounds today so obviously it worked.

So far today I've done pretty well too. Breakfast was a slim fast and lunch was a burger (no bun). I did have one slice of banana bread and a spoonful of peanut butter for a snack this AM but that's it so far. I need to go work on water though, I have not been drinking nearly enough.

Exercise wise; not as good. Monday I did not go to the gym b/c the kids had been up all night the night before. Today I started a new job babysitting and the kids and I had to be at their house early so I did not go to the gym again (not enough time). Yesterday I did spend about 30-35 minutes shoveling and chopping ice and today I took care of 4 little boys and vacuumed a whole house. I'm pooped!

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