Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 2 Recap

OK, yesterday was not as good as Monday. Here's the menu:

B: slim fast
S: slice banana bread
S2: 1T peanut butter
L: hamburger (no bun)
S: frosted flakes w/fat free milk
D:bagel w/cream cheese

I also had to make a cake for Sadie's work and had several spoonfuls of batter. Ugh, carbs carbs carbs.

I wasn't looking forward to the scale this AM but.....surprise surprise it was nice to me. Monday AM I was 260.4 and today.................drumroll..............255.6! Yay!!!! I'm getting there.

Big Guy is sick today and 2 months ago sick kids was my downfall and what started the downward spiral into poor eating so I really want to focus on healthy choices today. Wish me luck!


  1. NICE drop! I think your day sounds just fine as far as eating goes! Good job!

  2. Yeahy!!! Sounds like a good day food wise. Congrats on the loss. You're looking HOt!!!

  3. Sweeeeet loss! Keep at it, chica!!