Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wish Me Luck

Tonight's dinner was my son's pick. Grammy was supposed to be babysitting so he was looking forward to eating out for dinner. Due to inclement weather Grammy is not here but we have agreed to let him pick dinner. His choice; Burger King. Wish me luck. I actually plan to not eat there at all. True, I could have a salad but salad from Burger King is just kind I can hit the produce dept. of my grocery store late at night to buy wilted lettuce and dry carrots. I figure it will save us some money too. I am not sure what I'll have once home but I know it will be better than a whopper value meal.

As far as food goes I have done soooo well. Today hasn't been great. I had more than my fair share of reduced fat Cheez It's and I did splurge on a bowl of frozen yogurt but in comparison to what I could have eaten that's not bad at all. I wish the scale would reflect how well I've been eating but it's not. I am stuck. I know I just weighed in on Sunday but I am a compulsive scale user and I check every day, sometimes multiple times. It hasn't budged. Well, that's not true. It did go up a little and then back down but that's not the budging I want. I have been walking a lot more too. My weiner dog is quite happy with the multiple walks around the neighborhood. I really hope Sunday's weigh in doesn't disappoint. I fear if there has been no loss I will give up. It's hard to work so hard and eat so well and so little to have nothing happen. We'll see but please be thinking light thoughts Sunday morning for me, OK?

So, I am off to Burger King in a few minutes. I will be strong. The flame broiled aroma won't get me this time. Time to go chug some water.


  1. weighing in once a week is a great idea.. weighing in daily or multiple times daily could be discouraging?? You are doing great Colleen.

  2. that was me-Jenny:)