Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Close Encounters of the Whopper Variety

Ah the flame broiled goodness smelled divine. The fries were fresh and the coke machine was calling my name. It was a little overwhelming but I made it!!! The only thing that went in my mouth was the pickle from Riley's hamburger. Woohoo!!!!!!! I watched as the boys ate their meals and as S devoured a whopper combo meal, size medium and the other half of Riley's hamburger. It was sooooo hard to be that close to something so delicious. I watched the toppings drip out of her burger and onto her hands and could almost taste it. Thankfully it's over. I came home and made myself a hamburger patty using very lean meat and even drained it on a paper towel before eating. I also had a large serving of green beans. Delicious and not nearly the 75 grams of fat that S consumed at dinner. Craziness.


  1. Holy shit!!! Way to go Colleen! That must have been so hard not to eat that! WOw... that is hard. You must have felt so great after you ate your healthy dinner at home.Jenny

  2. Great job, Colleen! isn't it funny...the junk always looks so good, but when you eat something homemade it is almost always better tasting.