Monday, December 15, 2008


Hunger is getting the best of me. I have had hunger pains non stop for nearly a week now. It's getting tough. Add to that that I am starting to get some PMS and I am afraid all hell is about to break loose.

Yesterday was bad. I was hungry a lot. I also had a lot of cravings. First salty then sweet. I ate OK. I had a packet of oatmeal for breakfast, a handful of saltine crackers for snack, baked potato soup (a light recipe) for lunch, yogurt for snack and 2 bowls of salad for dinner. After dinner I was STARVING. I polished off a single serve bag of animal crackers that little guy didn't eat and then S and I made popcorn. I made it on the stove, used as little oil as possible and we did not put butter on it. And I was still hungry. I went to bed hungry, I woke up in the middle of the night hungry.....UGH. Looking over yesterday's food choices though I do see a distinct lack of fruit and protein. I am hoping that it was the lack of protein that made yesterday so rough. Protein is a huge part of the post op diet and what I did yesterday is a no no even if I am pre-op.

I am hoping that today will be better. I am going to start the day with some egg for protein and some fruit and we'll go from there. I am pretty busy today as well so that will help some. Yesterday when things got rough and all I wanted to do was eat I took the dog for a walk. That helped a little.

Any tips, suggestions, encouraging words are welcome..........

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  1. I hope more protein will do the trick, make sure you are drinking plenty :) I get pretty sick of water so I mix it up with teas (sugar free or splenda sweetened) and my diet coke addiction...

  2. I make ginger tea.. buy fresh ginger root, put it on the stove in water in a pan.. let it simmer a bit.. add more ginger when it loses flavor. so good... good for digestion too.. and yeah water... sometimes i find that i feel hungry when I just realize that i didnt drink enough water. Protein is the best for fighting hunger. keep up the good work!-Jenny

  3. Thanks girls! I am drinking though some days not quite the required 64 ounces. One of the psot op rules I am supposed to adopt now is that I am not allowed to drink for 30 minutes before I eat and 1 hour after. It's really hard not to drink while eating!!! I find that I have to push myself the rest of the day to drink.
    Chrissy-No soda allowed anymore :( I am currently addicted to Crystal Light though.

    Jenny-I'll have to give the ginger tea a try!