Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is it that bad?

My blog that is. I see you all stopping by, there's a visitor counter on the bottom of the page. Is it that boring that no one has anything to say about it? I'm lacking in comments. Now I admit, I can be a drive by blogger reader sometimes but I try to comment every now and again. So leave me a comment and let me know....is it really boring for you to read this?? I'll try to spice it up a little.

I'll be back later with a more substantial post, I hope.


  1. Im here - it isnt boring at all. I think about you from time to time and pop on to see how you are! I guess I do drive by blog reading. I hope you are having less hunger pains today - those can really sabotage you!

  2. I'm here too! Things are crazy hectic here right now but I promise to commemt more!

  3. Are you doing a food journal? I have done that to see where I am lacking what my body needs from time to time.. that can be helpful.. looking back and seeing what you could have left out or added more of. Jenny

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies!! i understand it's a busy time of year, really, I do! Thanks for taking the time to read, I appreciate it.

    Jenny-I don't keep a food diary but at the end of every day I run down what I ate, I have a good memory and try to trouble shoot what I did wrong/well. Thanks for the tip though!