Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stupid Hormones

Ever since having kids my body has changed. It changed physically (thanks to 2 c-sections) and it changed hormonally. I am much more affected by the change in hormones associated with my cycles than I ever was before.

I now suffer from PMDD, premenstrual dysphoric disorder. It's PMS just about 10X worse. I get very irritable, fatigued, my joints ache and I retain water like a camel in the desert. It sucks.

A little over a year ago while trying to lose weight, post baby #2, I discovered a few things.
#1 My tummy will never be the same. I still don't have feeling in parts of it from nerves cut during delivery. Fun.

#2 I retain so much water from the middle of my cycle to the end it's ridiculous. At one point it was about 4-5 pounds that I would put on and then lose within the two week time frame. Now, why am I boring all of you with this? Well, it's mid cycle for me. I still haven't lost more weight despite my vigilant eating and exercising. That's not normal for me. The beginnings of diets are always very productive , it's later that I slow down tremendously. So I was discouraged until I went to shave my legs last night. There was a huge indentation above my ankle where my sock had been. I am retaining water. Woohoo!! I am so hoping that that's the reason the scale isn't moving but I am still having a hard time believing it. I don't think I'll believe it until the cycle ends and I drop some weight.

So now that you all know about my cycle and my fun hormonal changes I think I'll go have breakfast. Why oh why do I share these things with you???

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