Friday, December 12, 2008

Where were you?

Where were you all today when I hit the drive through at Wendy's?? Ugh. I had good intentions, maybe a baked potato or salad......good intentions count for something right??

First, let me say that we didn't have power due to an ice storm and I had to get up and bring my kids to a friend's house, take a 20 second shower, get dressed and get to Sesame Street Live because the show must go on!! On the way home I knew I'd need to pick up lunch b/c no power makes lunch time difficult. Here's my problem; why doesn't Subway have drive through? No, really. Why not? I had the kids in the car and little guy was sleeping so it had to be drive through. So Wendy's it was. I did not get a salad or potato. I got a #6. I did get a small size and a diet instead of regular coke but that's not the point huh?

Lunch was good. The fries weren't great so I didn't eat them all but more than I should have.

Here's the divine intervention part. I now feel like crap. Emotionally and physically. I am beating myself up for doing it and my body is pissed. I had been eating well for several days and this fried spicy chicken intruder was not welcome. I have heartburn, nausea and a headache. We'll call that lesson learned.

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