Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Secrets

Each Saturday I will try to reveal a secret. It will be something I am embarrassed to share but know it will help me in the long run.

Today's secret; I am a liar.

I lie about food consumption. Sometimes that means I hide goodies and eat them when no one is around and sometimes that means I outright lie.

Someone will ask: "Hey what happened to that gallon of ice cream that was in the freezer?"
Me: "I, uh, was eating it out of the container and then one of the kids needed something so I set it down and the dog ate it. Can you believe that dog?"

Wow, am I that desperate? Really? I guess I am afraid that someone is going to judge me and make a remark I don't want to hear. Chances are good that I am already angry with myself for eating all of the ice cream and having no self control and I am embarrassed about it so I don't want anyone to know.

The hiding food thing isn't quite as bad as it sounds. I hide a treat when I buy it b/c if I don't then everyone else eats it and I get little to none. I have vowed not to buy anything I would want to hide though and if I do buy it I will not hide it. I will be better off if everyone else eats it. I don't need it!

So those are my Saturday secrets. What are yours?

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