Wednesday, February 4, 2009

17 Degrees

To Mainers, that's nothing. It's a little chilly but not cold.

This morning I got up and turned the computer on to check the temperature, 17 degrees. To walk or not to walk...hmm..... True, 17 degrees isn't all that cold and there wasn't any wind so what was my problem? 17 is cold when you have just rolled out from under a down comforter. 17 is cold when you have an adorable 2 year old who wants you to cuddle and watch cartoons. 17 is cold when you need an excuse to not go out and walk.

I found myself using that last one, an excuse not to walk. Instead of heading to the couch I laced up my sneakers, grabbed some gloves, my MP3 player and one of our dogs and took off. It wasn't really that cold. I was just getting into a good pace when Tucker, the dog, started to limp. He was walking on 3 paws and looking pathetic. I tried to see if he had ice in his paw but he wouldn't let me. So I caved and said "let's go home then." The little bugger turned around and started pulling me to the house, on all 4 paws. Apparently if none of the other reasons not to walk at 17 degrees work you pull out all the stops and fake an injury.


  1. There's a lesson here...and I think it's "Leave the dog home." You're doing great - keep up the good work. Keep overpowering the urge to procrastinate, and then teach me how!

  2. 17 degrees sounds cold to me! Obviously your dog is from southern California.