Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Changing Their World

My boys are eaters!! They are growing boys who seem to like to go through growth spurts at the same time. My fridge is forever looking sad and empty and my pantry grows bare within hours of shopping. Here's the thing though, they like junk. What kid doesn't? Cheetos, gummies, sugary cereal, Kool aid, dessert....all favorites of theirs.

Here's where the title comes in. They still have their fair share of kid (slightly junky snacks) but they are definitely eating more healthy. My four year old now talks about meat and how it's good for your body and how milk gives you strong bones. He knows what foods are healthy and what aren't. I love it. He is also noticing activities that require more energy and labeling them "exercise". He loves to exercise and says it is making his body bigger and stronger. I love that. I love that he gets it and is excited about it.

Lately my boys have been whipping through things like cheese, yogurt, apples, bananas, oranges, wheat thins and eggs. Yay!! I will forever be grateful to this process for helping me change their world.


  1. Yeah, I have the flip side of that though. Although I try not to talk about "dieting" and being "skinny" my (almost) 9 year old daughter who tends to be a bit OCD (or at least obsessive) is getting the lingo down. :( Makes me sad. I try to focus on building muscle and being "healthy" (I've told them that the fat I have around my belly is unhealthy for me) but she picks up on the "skinny" stuff...How do I help it? It consumes you when you are in the beginning stages...
    Congrats to you though for A's new thoughts and ideas! Way to go mama!

  2. That's great, Colleen! You get them used to healthy food now, and when they are adults they will naturally have a taste for it.

  3. That is awesome! I know what you mean.. I feel so happy when I look at Gracie and see her eating healthy snacks. Its so rewarding to see them be healthy happy kids! That is so cute w/ Aiden and excercise.. I love it!Jenny

  4. It great that the boys can learn this from such a young age and take this through the rest of there lives, they will be so much better off. My kids learnt from a younge age about "good food" and how it helps there body perform too.