Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Success Story

This week it is not a scale success, that remains unchanged. I'd like to say I am surprised but I am not. I have been eating healthy this week but eating more than I should. So....not a surprise at all.

My success story involves middle of the night munchie madness. For years now, since my first son was born, I have been munching in the middle of the night. At first I did it when he was a wee one and waking several times a night. I hadn't always had time during the day to eat so I would snack after getting him back to sleep. Sometimes I would snack to keep myself awake while feeding him. Often my snack was peanut butter cups. For some reason I craved peanut butter cups like no one's business when I was post partum with big guy.

The trend continued for quite some time. At one point the apartment we lived in had a kitchen right next to big guys room. I rarely snacked then for fear of waking him up. It was a good thing.

Along came little guy....... I nursed little guy and it made me ravenous!!! I was eating all the time and LOSING weight! It was wonderful. We moved to our new place and the kitchen is not near the bedrooms AND you have to walk through it to get to the bathroom. That is a problem. I would get up at least once a night and snack. Not on apples and oranges mind you but on convenience foods like cookies, candy, and sometimes ice cream. My mother in law bakes often and that is bad. We often have homemade whoopie pies and peanut butter rice krispie treats covered in chocolate in our fridge. UGH.

So this week I said no. NO! I have not had a midnight, or 2, or 4AM snack. That my friends is success!


  1. Yeah. the eating at night thing is so bad isnt it? A hard habit to brake.. but in the end I wouldnt be surprised if you see the difference when u stop the munching at night. Peanut butter rice krispie treats covered in CHocolate...??? WHat the F? that sounds amazing! Jenny

  2. That's great! So, since little boy is now sleeping through the night, were you getting up out of habit? Do you often wake up in the middle of the night? I used to, until doctors diagnosed me with sleep apnea. I can't believe how much better I sleep now!

  3. Little guy does NOT sleep through the night. Ever since starting speech therapy 2 months ago he is up several times a night. It's getting old. Before that, when he was sleeping well I would get up to use the bathroom once or twice a night. Glad to hear the sleep apnea thing is better and you are sleeping better Jules!!

    Jenny-Yea, peanut butter krispies with chocolate on top.....they are like crack, you can't get enough!!

  4. Interesting. See, I would get up to go to the bathroom a few times, and it turns out it wasn't that I had to go to the bathroom. My apnea was waking me up, and I figured it was because I had to go to the bathroom--which I did.

    Well, once you lose weight and then get the band all of that will resolve itself! :)