Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Time For Me

Little Guy has been really sick. He had a cold for a few weeks and then got a lot worse. The first time I brought him in (on a Sunday) he got a quick exam and it was declared just a cold. Less than 48 hours later we were back at the doctor and it was ruled pneumonia. He continued to get worse, even on antibiotics and then had a brief spurt of seeming better. It didn't last long and we were back in our doctors office Monday. The pneumonia was worse, he had an ear infection and maybe a UTI. Really?? How did he manage to get two NEW infections while on an antibiotic. So they changed the antibiotic and sent us on our way. Fast forward to today, he should be better. Is he?? Hard to tell. Not enough for me to say yes and feel confident about it. I am supposed to call the doctor today and give an update. I think we'll be sent for chest xrays this afternoon.

Little Guy has been such a trooper and really the only thing he wants is, me. "Need you mommy" "want you mommy" and "just need mommy" are all he says. This has left very little time for me. I haven't been to the gym in well over a week and my diet has lacked a LOT. I am happy to have maintained my weight loss but sad I haven't continued losing. My goal was to be 225 by Halloween and while I knew it was a stretch it was doable. Now, not so much. My new goal is to break out of the 240's by then. It's only a few pounds but I haven't been able to get there so I am setting a goal. 239 by Halloween. I can do it!!!

So, that's where I've been......pinned under a coughing, feverish, vomiting 2.5 year old pathetic little boy. I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.


  1. Are they sure it's not H1N1? That sounds an awful lot like the symptoms they're telling us to watch out for around here.

  2. So scary. :( I hope he is better soon. Is he any better today? Please keep us updated.

    By the way, your new blog layout is so cute!