Monday, October 5, 2009

3 Month Follow Up

Today I was scheduled to have my 3 month follow up appointments with the nutritionist and nurse at the Bariatric Center. I had to cancel. Little Guy is sick with a nasty cough and now I have it too, along with what sounds like pop rocks in my chest. Yuck. I am happy to report that if I had gone today I would have weighed in the same as at my last fill. While I would love to report a loss I am happy with what I have. After that last fill I gained a lot of weight, some water, some not. At one point I was up 10 pounds. Thankfully I have shed all of those and am back to where I was. Now, time to keep losing. I am craving major comfort foods b/c I am sick so let's keep our fingers crossed that I can still make healthy choices.


  1. Make yourself a nice chicken soup with lots of vegetables and not soo much pasta/rice, it will do wonders for your cough and congestion and what better fall food is there then soup. Hope you feel better!

  2. I agree with Kristen! That sounds like a good idea... And it'll be good for Little guy too! :) comfort food is so tempting when you're sick.

  3. pop rocks in your chest usually means pneumonia. might want to get that checked out.