Sunday, May 31, 2009

Freaking Out

Tomorrow is the day, the meeting with my surgeon. What has me stressed out though is the damn weigh in. Last week was a bounce back up and plateau week for me and I sat right around 280 all week instead of 278. So the past few days I really pushed hard and this morning I was back to 278.4. Great. Then we went to Story Land with the kids. We had so much fun but the food there s not diet friendly. I ended up eating 2 soft tacos for lunch. They had very little cheese, no sour cream and were mostly lettuce and tomatoes with a little meat thrown in. I snagged a few french fries (6~tops) from the kids and that was it. Tonight for dinner I picked up a rotisserie chicken and had some chicken over salad with fat free dressing. I am completely stressed out that the tacos, 6 fries and few bite of chicken skin are going to throw the scale off come tomorrow. Help!! Talk me down!! All I want to do is eat right now, I'm guessing just because I know I can't. I'm a wreck.....seriously and will probably spend the rest of the night on the scale stressing out.

1 comment:

  1. You can do it! It will be fine, and I doubt that food will be enough to push your weight over the limit--unless it was full of sodium. In that case, I would try to flush it out with a ton of water!