Saturday, May 16, 2009

Feeling the High

It's been such a great health week! Sunday I was feeling down and depressed and the scale did not cheer me up at all. I was back up to 289 :( Monday morning rolled around and instead of wallowing in self pity (which I'm pretty good at by the way) I got up with the sun, strapped on my sneakers and went for a walk. It felt good. I had been walking daily for a long time but then fell off the wagon. I had tons of excuses and reasons not to. Monday I realized I had forgotten the number one reason TO walk; me. I enjoy my time alone, the smells of flowers in the morning, the birds tweeting, my joints creaking, my back sweating.......uh, sorry, I digress. It's good time to just be me and I spend a lot of the time walking thinking about about what to write in my next blog.

I walked almost every day this week, save yesterday when I was pinned to the couch by a snoring two year old. I knew if I moved he'd wake up and then I wouldn't be able to leave anyway. The break was good though.

Now on to heavier topics; weight. Sunday I was 289 and this morning I was........drum roll please.......



  1. Colleen I didn't realize you had this blog until this morning. I joined Weight Watchers in January for like the fifth time! Ugh! I can identify with all of your reasons for wanting to lose Weight!!! My sister is going to have lap band surgery too. I think you two are on the same timeline in terms of surgery. Her name is Julie Harris she is on facebook. I'm going to give her the address to your blog. Good luck with everything!

  2. Allison Talon, NPMay 16, 2009 at 6:20 AM

    You rock, DEVER. Next year - mother's day 5K. It was the most fun I have had at 9am with 2600 other people in Portland.

  3. Yipee!!!! I love the new look!

  4. Thanks everybody. All your comments are great and help me get through those moments when all I want to do is eat CAKE! :)

    Allison-you're on!