Saturday, April 4, 2009


Hi everyone, me here, still stuck at 286. Whatever. I haven't really done anything that would warrant losing so it's my own fault. I am going to the gym today, they are having a great deal on membership prices right now and I just have to do it.

In other news our family is going on it's first ever vacation Monday! It's only a one nighter but the kids are super excited. Me?? Well, I'm excited for the kids. We are going to an indoor water park which means me in a bathing suit....yuck. I normally avoid that at all costs but have decided to step up and do this for the kids. It's not always just about me, I swear, I am not that kind of person (just in this blog and on the weight loss front).

I checked in on a friends weight loss today and she gained a pound this week. I was fully prepared to be jealous that she lost again while I sat still but that was not the case. Instead I feel for her, while it sucks to be stuck it would suck more to go up again. This friend is the one who really got me thinking about lap band. It was her intention to have the surgery but then there were insurance issues and blah blah blah and she couldn't do it. I still haven't jumped that hurdle yet. The surgery center says that I shouldn't have a problem getting my insurance to pay but I just won't know until after I meet with the surgeon on June 1 and they submit the paperwork. Scary to think that one person sitting behind a desk working for an insurance company could bring this all to a screeching halt. Yikes!!

That's all from here....hope you are doing well!


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  2. I think it's great you put yourself out there (in a swimsuit) for the kids sake :) I know quite a few Mom's whose kids don't get to swim because of that very reason!