Thursday, April 23, 2009

A hard won pound

I've been sitting at 286 for quite some time now longing to be back at my low of 282. I finally budged the scale (in the right direction) and am at 285. It was hard won and I hope it stays gone forever. Staying busy is key to my losing weight and thankfully I've been busy this week. Tomorrow I am off for a hike with the kids and friends so that should keep that pound at bay.

Good bye are not needed here anymore......go find someone else's ass to sit on :)


  1. I really agree that staying busy is the key. When I lost my weight when Jared was about 18 mos old...I did a LOT of shopping. LOL, that's why I have credit card debt! ;) (J/k I"m sure I've paid that debt off by now)