Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Disappointed and Discouraged

Back in January I met with the dietitian. She told me that once my file was complete it was taking 4-6 weeks to get an appt. with the surgeon and then surgery was generally scheduled 4-6 after that. It gave me hope. I have been dieting for several months. I have been successful at losing weight and that is great but it has been SO hard. I am literally hungry 24/7. I have tried to keep my brave face on and say it hasn't been that bad etc. but really? It's sucked.

Last week I completed my file for the bariatric center and have been looking forward to getting my appt. with the surgeon. I was hoping to get an appt. for the end of March. Today I got my letter in the mail, appointment date 6/1/09. Huh? 4-6 weeks has now turned into 3.5 months. I am so disappointed.

Then I started to feel discouraged. How am I going to handle another 3.5 months of this on my own? Another 3.5 months of constant hunger pains? I know I can and will but right now it just seems impossible and torturous.


  1. You can do it. I've always thought of you as strong. We (E and I) will be part of your support group. You know how to reach us. Love ya, kid!

  2. I'm sorry Colleen...I'm sure it must be so discouraging. Just remember that everything happens for a reason. I know that sounds so trite but it's true. You can hang in there. You can do it. And remember, the longer your body adjusts to your new eating style (some call it dieting) the less constant hunger you will feel. (I learned how true this is by screwing up for an entire weekend and realizing that now I am so much hungrier than I was the week before b/c my stomach got used to more again!) You can do it!