Thursday, February 12, 2009

A dime

Yesterday at my support group meeting I learned an interesting lap band fact. The opening is about the size of a dime and can get as small as a pencil. That is where all your food has to pass through, hence all of the dietary restrictions. I knew the opening was small and had seen pictures but it never really hit home until those words were used; dime and pencil. Wow. I guess that's why I have to make sure to chew everything so well and why a lot of people have trouble with regurgitation (YUCK).

Yesterday's group consisted of about 20 pre-op patients and 1 post-op. The woman who was post-op is almost at her one year bandiversary. She has lost 57 pounds over the year. Is it wrong that I hope for more for myself? They say that they consider it successful when you lose 1/2 of your excess weight. It is possible to lose more than that if you are really working at it and possible to lose less if you are cheating the program. While I am very happy with the thought of losing 70+ pounds I still have a bit of a problem wrapping my brain around that being my goal. I want more than that, I think. Don't get me wrong. Right around 200 sounds amazing to me right now. I was last that weight my second year in college and it was wonderful. I was a size 14/16 and able to do a lot more than I do now. I think the hard part is changing my idea of what ideal weight is. I've always wanted to be that ideal weight that the charts think I should be. I need to come up with a new version of "ideal" weight.

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  1. I think you should be positive but keep it attainable. Don't set yourself up for disappointment thinking you should look like Jennifer Aniston (I've done this to myself **blush**). You are you and should not diminish your success by measuring it against someone else (I'm now preaching to myself)