Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fill #2 and a few curse words

I went into fill number 2 with little concern. My first fill had been so quick and gone so smoothly. I should have known. Little Guy came with me and he was SO good. It took over 20 minutes with me on the table and he just sat and played with his baby doll and the plastic stomach model the nurse gave him. What a good kid. The fill...oh, the fill. She stuck me once and kept moving the needle around but could not access the port so she took a deep breath and tried again. No success. As a last ditch effort I rolled on my side and she stuck me again, it worked. Phew. I got 1cc to bring me up to a total of 4. I made an appointment for 2 weeks out for another fill since she doesn't think I'll have much restriction until at least 5cc's. I am not looking forward to doing that again.


  1. I've had a few difficult fills and a few easy ones... it depends on the person doing it really. Hope the next one goes easy on you!!!

  2. Ugh! At least Ri was on good behavior.

  3. I was wondering how it went, I was thinking about you - I hope the next one is easier!