Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Thank God

I can eat again!! I did not get stuck once yesterday. No pain, no PB, no sliming. It was heaven! I ate more than I should have b/c, well simply, I COULD! LOL. I hope to get that under control again but it felt soooooo good to eat and not hurt and not get sick. Wow.

In other news it's a snowy day here!! Big guy was scheduled to have the day off anyway but the snow is a nice bonus. I'm hoping we'll get to go out and play in it before it starts turning to rain, blech. The plans for today are snow play, cocoa, a movie, and painting our handmade ornaments for the tree. I'm sure we'll be done everything and bored by noon but we'll wing it ;)

The depression is much, much better. I had a sneaking suspicion the Prozac was making it worse and decided to try stopping it and what a difference. Wow. I'm snappy right now but hope that's just a withdrawal side effect and will pass.

Things here financially are pretty tough. We've had some issues with S' student loans and can no longer put them in forebearance and are being forced to pay on them each month for the next 9 months. I cannot begin to describe what a hardship this is for us. We were barely (and most of the time not) making ends meet and to be out an extra $250 a month pushes us way into poverty. The photo. business has slowed down now that Xmas is getting so close and the weather is changing. I've picked up a babysitting job a few days a week and decided yesterday to cash out my teeny tiny 401K. I figured there wasn't much there but it would keep us out of the food pantry for a few months. I've thought about full time work but the cost of child care doesn't really make it make sense.

For now we're making the most of what we have. Thankfully I socked away all the income from photo shoots and was able to buy the boys each 7 presents for Xmas. We cut down a tree behind S' parents house and while it's a little funky and non traditional it was fun and free. I've been using the ingredients I have around the house to do holiday craft projects with the boys including salt dough ornaments and glittery pine cones. I don't want the boys to know how bad off we are so I try to keep things as normal as possible. It's hard though, hard to say no to them when they ask for things. I know it's not a big deal but it's still hard.


  1. I am sorry that money is so tight right now. I have been there many times, but thankfully, no children to worry about. I hope something good comes your way very soon.

    I feel you about being able to eat again! Whatever was causing my band to be tight seems to have loosened it's grip just a little!

  2. so sorry to hear things are tight money-wise. it's a hard, hard time :(

    glad you're feeling a lot better off that medicine!

  3. I'm there too Colleen. We're cutting where we can, but we were cut back before. My next option is to let our cable and internet go and that I'm having deep issues with. Cable ok, internet not so much.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Kendra-the only reason we have cable is b/c the inlaws pay for it so the boys can have cartoons (LOL) and internet is included in our apt. Otherwise, I'd be at the laundromat using the free wireless :) Good luck with the cutbacks....they suck.

    Amy-glad you are a little looser!