Sunday, August 16, 2009


Thursday things were looking good. I was going the right direction on the scale and a mere 2 pounds from the goal I set. Then it all went to hell. I ate a few things I shouldn't have and took in too much salt. That combined with a sudden heat wave here in Maine added up to unwanted pounds of water weight. It started yesterday and I have been trying to make it go away ever since. I WAS up about 5 pounds and now I'm up about 2.5. So frustrating though, right before a weigh in. I haven't eaten much today and have been downing water and water with lemon to try to flush the water out. I worked out hard this AM, took a short bike ride with Big guy after dinner and plan on a long walk again tonight and tomorrow morning. Something has to work, right?? I'm not sure why it's stressing me out so much, probably just b/c I set a goal for myself and I'm falling short. I have no idea what the surgeon and/or bariatric center are expecting at weigh in tomorrow.

I am also a bit of a stress case about my first fill tomorrow. I now know that I DO need one. I am not necessarily very hungry much (aside from head hunger) but when I do eat I can eat a lot! I look forward to having more restriction so I can eat less but I also worry about adjusting to the restriction. It's learning to eat all over again. Will something get stuck? How much can I eat? Oy, so much to think about.

So for tonight please think water dissipating thoughts. I need to sweat and pee 2.5 pounds out by tomorrow, yikes! Wish me luck!

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you all about the first fill experience and give you the official weight-bah.

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