Monday, August 17, 2009

And it's over

Phew, the appts. are behind me. The 6 week check in with the surgeon was pointless. It went something like this:
doc: "any questions, concerns, issues, anything?"
Me "nope"
doc: "let me take a peek at your belly" poke poke poke...... "OK, let's get you out of here"

I waited 20 minutes in the waiting room for a 3 minute visit. Go figure.

Next I went to the office next door to meet with the RN for my fill. I have a 10cc band, a good thing to know. Apparently they flush it with 5cc's at the time of surgery and some gets left in so she has to figure out how much I have in there and she can give me up to 2cc's more but not bring me to more than 4cc's. So she poked around my belly for a while trying to feel the port and then stuck the needle in. Some people have 3cc's left after the flushing, I had 1. So that's why I've been so hungry and why I can eat a lot. I had no restriction. So now I have 3cc's in my band. Let's see how that goes. I do have an appt. in two weeks for another fill, the nurse was fairly confident this one was not going to cut it. She said typically patients seem happiest between 5 and 6cc's.

Oh wait, I did leave out the part where the surgeon said that a lot of people don't lose as much weight as I had in the 6 weeks b/c of the hunger and that I had done well. Yay me!

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  1. my 8 year old was amazed by your syringe picture on your blog. he said "WOW now that is a big shot!!" i told him it wasn't like a regular shot but i think to him a needle is a needle.

    maybe when i start getting fills i'll let him go one time so he can see that it isn't all that bad.