Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pre-op Day 3

I have hope. The past two days have been miserable. I've been hungry but nothing I am allowed to eat sounded good. I have been craving something as simple as crackers and fruit. I struggle with wanting to cheat but know that I am doing the right thing and the guilt/fear wouldn't be worth it. This morning feels different. I may not feel this way come afternoon but for now I am hopeful. The scale dropped nearly two pounds this AM so that is pretty motivating. For my kids sake let's all hope that the sugar withdrawal is coming to an end and the raving lunatic that replaced their mommy is gone.


  1. What are you allowed to eat? Why no fruit??

  2. Hope this afternoon is going well! Hang in there ok!

  3. Cara-I posted the diet a few posts back. I am allowed one medium piece of fruit a day. No more than that b/c of the sugar/carb

    Kristen-It went really well!! Thanks!!!!