Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pre-Admission Testing

Today was my pre-admission testing day. It went really well. I had to fill out a brief health questionnaire, give blood, have an EKG, do vitals and meet with a nurse to discuss instructions. I was out in about 30 minutes. The worse part was the blood. The phlebotomist needs a new profession. She was having a hard time finding a vein and then found one that rolled a little. She used the alcohol wipe and cleaned her finger so she could use that to help stabilize the vein. It didn't work. She kept having to move the needle and fish around ~ OUCH! I survived, it's done, I'm moving on. In talking with the nurse she said that she has actually seen my surgeon weigh people on surgery day and then cancel their surgery b/c they have failed to lose weight. Scary. I started my pre-op diet, designed to help you drop pounds FAST, so the rational part of my brain tells me everything will be fine. The irrational part is a whole different story.

Pre-op diet has been OK. I would literally KILL for crackers with peanut butter right now but I am not allowed. I'm nauseous and head achy but I hear that's from the lack of carbs and sugar. Fun. I have a feeling that the next few days are not going to be pretty. I apologize to everyone now :)

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  1. 2 things: Are you sure it's not the same phlebotomist (sp??) at my ob's office? Sounds the same...evil twin maybe.
    And made me laugh b/c you're sounding like Jules when she detoxed off of sugar!!! I wish you all the best. I hope that it all works out awesome!