Wednesday, February 25, 2009


A friend of mine recently started Weight Watchers and was asking for food suggestions on her blog

I gave her a pretty big list and it got me thinking; maybe there are others of you out there wondering what the heck I am eating. So whether you wanted to know or not here goes.

Crystal Light-I am not a big water fan so adding flavor without calories is perfect! There are generics out there and I am find them to be just as good.

Slim Fast High Protein Shake Mix-it's breakfast for me just about everyday. It's not grainy or chalky and tastes good.

tea-green tea will help speed up the metabolism and i need all the help I can get.

Weight Watcher frozen dessert/ice cream-currently eating their fudgsicles at only 60 calories a piece. Delicious.

Sugar free/fat free pudding mix or jello mix. I prefer to make my own, I think the texture is better than the prepackaged/refrigerated kind.

Fat free Cool Whip-A great ice cream substitute, delicious when defrosted and mixed with aforementioned jello and pudding.

Multigrain pasta-Not as grainy as wheat in my opinion. Generic is just as good for us.

Pepperidge Farm Bread-Light style 7 grain. It's small, thin and tasty.

Tuna Fish-one can is nearly 30g of protein, half of what I aim for each day. YUM!

Lettuce-Use it in salads or use large pieces (butter and bibb work best) to make wraps. I use lettuce wraps for tacos, fajitas, sandwiches....anything!

Almonds-packed with protein they fill you up and let you crunch.

Craisins-Yummy, chewy, fruit!

Wasabi peas-Find them in the Asian food section. They are crunchy and SPICY and oh so yummy. They have nearly as much protein as a serving of almonds with a lot less fat.

Morningstar Farms-Their hickory BBQ riblets and Ginger Teriyaki veggie cakes are surprisingly tasty to this skeptic. Thank you Susan for opening my eyes!

Reduced fat cheese sticks-cheese.....low fat....need I say more??

Laughing Cow Cheese wedges-My favorite flavor is French Onion....spread it on a cracker and YUMMO.

Newmans Own Dressing-Light Sundried Tomato and Light Balsamic Vinaigrette are quite good.

Campbells Select Harvest Light Soups-haven't found any I don't like yet.

Rice cakes-flavored ones are great substitutes for chips.

Fiber One Frosted Shredded Wheat Cereal-new and delicious.

Fiber One granola bars-a great substitute for a candy bar.

Hmm.....I know there are more great products out there but that's all that's popped into my head for now. Any other ideas people??


  1. I snack on Kashi power bars. They have 180 calories per package with 6 gr. protien. Its hard to find a power bar thats not high in calories. These bars hold me over between massages/ meals. Hummus and carrots are great too. Apples/peanut butter. Jen

  2. There is also the slim fast bars...I also use the 100 calorie packs. I know they are not full of nutrition but they give me the feeling that I have had a treat without overdoing it. I won't generally open another package but I would eat from an already open package,kwim?
    Keep up the good work Colleen!!! I'm rooting for you to do it w/o the surgery. (I don't think she surgery is a bad thing, I just think it's better if you can do it w/o!--no risks or complications!)

  3. Mixing leftover white or brown rice with salsa make a very low fat Spanish Rice.
    Mix FF or LF mayo with some garlic and pepper, spread it over a fish fillet, squirt it with lemon juice and bake it.
    Edamame (soy beans) is a pretty good source of protein - warm unshelled edamame and eat the beans right from the pods, or add shelled edamame to salads. Be careful, though - edamame music can be embarrassing.

  4. I am loving the light progresso soups! I have no other suggestions other than the ones that you already suggested. I live off of tuna, lean cuisines, egg beaters, salad, and sugar free fudgicles and pudding. Good luck. I know whatever decision you make it will be the best one for you! Oh and I will support you either way :)

  5. I substitute Morningstar veggie crumbles for ground beef, my family likes it better than the real stuff. I scrambled it into our eggs the other day for added protein, they inhaled it!