Monday, January 12, 2009

Almost 2/3 of the way there....

Today I weigh 286.8! Another .8 and I'll have lost 20 pounds!! Woohoo!! I guess I no longer need to be nervous about my weigh in on Thursday at the bariatric center. For a while there I worried I would not have lost any more weight or even *gasp* have gained.

I sometimes get to thinking "hey look at you doing this all by yourself....why do you need that silly lap band anyway?" It's so hard when you are successful to remember that you've been successful before and your success was always followed by failure. I keep reminding myself that for 22 years I've had these short successful weight loss moments and they haven't gotten me anywhere but larger. I DO need the lap band, I DO want this to be forever, I WILL be successful long term.


  1. Wow! Great job Colleen! I am so happy for you.Jenny

  2. 20 lbs all by yourself? That's great! You can be proud of that, huh? Besides, you still have to do the work, the lap band will just HELP you...

  3. Thank you everyone. Hey Cara, nice to see you around and thanks for the support!