Tuesday, May 5, 2009

USAir rocks!

Thank you US Airways! Your seats were roomy, far more than that other airline and the seat belt fit without an extender, in fact, I had room to spare. Thank you for making me feel like I belonged on that plane and not like I was trying to squeeze into Barbies corvette.

On a side note; 4 days of vacation yummy Mexican food and margaritas has left me higher on the scale than I am comfortable with. Some, if not most, is water weight, I'm more bloated than a Macy's day parade balloon. Ouch.


  1. LOL, but wasn't the Mexican food and Margaritas worth it??? I loooovvve Mexican food (well, normally I do...)And a good Margarita is GREAT! :) Now, stay off the scale and go for a walk until you get rid of some of those calories. It was worth it, right?

  2. Oh it was totally worth it! I wish I could walk....it's raining and forecasted to rain until sometime next week!! :O Oh well, I'll just go dance with my boys :)