Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm sick

I have a cold and I want to feed it!! I want all those yummy comfort foods that I always turn to and I can't have them, this sucks! On top of all of that I have reached the second half of my cycle and am retaining water like no one's business. I've put on 6 pounds in 4 days. 1-2 of those are legitimate pounds I may have gained b/c I've been a little lax on the diet front and not exercising as much since I'm stuffed up and can't breathe. The rest are all water though and I feel it. My fingers are tight and I'm all puffy. I HATE hormones. Anyone have any tricks to get rid of extra fluid? I'm drinking a ton of water and tea for the cold but it's just not flushing out. I am also looking for ideas as to what I can feed my cold. :P


  1. Try cutting out all salt and adding lemon to your water. The lemon is a natural diuretic. As far as feeding your cold goes, why not make yourself some homemade chicken soup? It will keep you busy, and tastes SO much better than anything from the can or box.

    Feel better soon!

  2. I agree with Jules on the chicken soup. I am making homemade Turkey soup - too bad we didnt live closer! As for the water retention Im not sure just keep drinking water and it will all come off eventually! I hope you feel better real soon! I am also so sorry about your friend...if she needs to talk you can pass along my email address.

  3. Your sister who has same problem 2 weeks every month!February 10, 2009 at 2:43 PM

    Dandelion herbal tea (not as nasty as it sounds and find in health food shop), cucumber, watermelon, and seaweed are all natural diuretics.