Monday, October 26, 2009


Food addicition SUCKS. I'm not sure how many of you out there have ever been addicted to something and tried to quit but UGH. The past month and half?? (maybe more) I have not been able to control my eating. Seriously I feel like some little monster scarfing down food like it's the last thing I'll ever eat. Today I am detoxing. I started my day with a slim fast shake and plan to have another for lunch and another for dinner. In between maybe some sugar free jello, broth, sugar free popsicles, etc. I NEED to spend a few days on liquids and get all this crap out of my body and get my head back in the game.

Why is food so powerful over me? I turn to it for comfort. When I'm sad, I eat. Angry? eat. Bored? EAT. Want to celebrate? Let's eat! Seriously, craziness.

One of the biggest hurdles for me right now is the season, Fall. I love Fall but one of the reasons I love Fall is all those heavy, warm, comforting foods. I need to step away from the pies, breads, heavy soups, casseroles and everything else. I'm walking away, walking A.Way.

Detox is going to suck. I'm already thinking of food and looking longingly at the refrigerator. But, I can do this. I am doing this and right now I'm doing it in honor of a friend, Derek. Derek lives in Paris and has been preparing for bypass surgery. He has 3 young kids and knew it was time to get his health in check so he could be around for them and enjoy life with the more. I've been very proud of him and following his journey. This past week Derek fell ill with the Swine Flu and is currently in the ICU in really bad shape. It doesn't look good. I can't believe that after he's worked so hard to turn his health around this happened. It would be so cruel if he never got a chance. Derek has helped me realize how lucky I am to be where I am. I am lucky that I have had the surgery and have the tool to help me and now I need to use it. I am so very thankful to have made it this far and be where I am but I can't wait to do more, be more, in honor of a great guy. Derek, get well soon, there's so much more out there for you to do and I want to see you accomplish it all.


  1. I would check the books from Kay Sheppard at the library, or visit her website.

  2. Thanks Jules, I found one in a library too far away to get to so I requested it be sent to my own. Thanks!

  3. Oh Colleen, you know we are both in the same boat. I am tired of eating junk and crap, and actually did a little better this weekend. Ready to move on. Tired of this ya know?

  4. You have come to far to back down and give up! You can do this! Believe in yourself!

  5. I think that food addiction is prob'ly one of the hardest ones b/c you have to eat to live, and (for me) once you start eating it's hard to quit. If I could just wake up and say "today I'm not going to eat" I could do better...I hope that this works for you to get you back on track. I think your reasons listed in your side bar are 'em again! :) ((HUGS))