Thursday, July 23, 2009


This whole weight loss journey is one big puzzle. Just when I think I have almost solved the puzzle someone shakes the table and the pieces go flying. Back to square one.

I was losing weight post op, fairly quickly too. Sunday I hit the 10 pounds down mark and was so excited! All my hard work was paying off. Then this week someone shook the table and I am up 3 pounds. What? Huh?? I eat next to nothing, walk at least once (usually twice) a day, drink all my required fluids, eat my 60 grams of protein. WTF?

Could it be water weight? It COULD but that really isn't consoling. It hasn't budged and should have by now.

I'm just so frustrated and tired of it being such a battle. A plateau is one thing but gaining just chips away at your confidence and makes you question everything.

So I emailed my nutrtionist today and she agreed with what I thought the problem was. I am not eating ENOUGH. My day typcally ends in a total of 600-800 calories and she says I should aim for 1200 with no less than 1000. Do you have any idea how hard it is to tell yourself that in order to lose weight you need to eat more? Hell, I thought that was what cause this weight problem in the first place. UGH.

With that in mind I have made a conscious effort to eat more calories today. How's it going? Well, I just ate dinner and I'm still only at 789 calories. I don't usually have a snack before bed but it looks like I'll need to tonight and a pretty significant one.

Interested in what I ate today? (I like to tell myself you are ;)
B: Fage 0% (no fat greek yogurt) mixed with no sugar added crushed pineapple and splenda
S: 1 Cup skim milk with sugar free chocolate syrup and 2 TBSP red. fat peanut butter
L: 3 medium egg whites scrambled with skim milk, laughing cow light cheese and a veggie/soy faux sausage patty
S: 1 Cup No fat pudding
D: 1 Cup Progresso Light Beef Pot Roast soup

That's a LOT of food for me! I am still supposed to be on soft foods so it's hard to find things that fit that description. I think I'll try half a banana for snack (55 calories) and who knows what else....applesauce?? Still not enough calories. ARGH.

Well, that's my little rant for today. I didn't expect this to be easy but maybe not quite as challenging as this.


  1. Funny, I'll bet you never thought you'd be dealing with this problem of losing weight. ;) What about frozen yogurt? Make you feel like you're eating ice cream...still soft...more cals??? I don't know what your restrictions are (other than soft and CHEW WELL ;) )
    Good luck! I'll eat a few extra for's that sound? LOL

  2. So weird that it can work that way! Does the body just go into starvation mode and hold on to what it has?