Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One Week

One week after surgery and I feel good! I wake up pain free and remain so for most of the day. Usually starting around dinner time I start to ache around my port area and if I do anything at night it hurts enough to say ouch when move but not really need any meds. I can sleep on my stomach and have been since a few days post op, phew! Food is still a challenge. I just made it through a lovely round of PMS when I was stuck on liquids so I'd say that's a success! This first week I lost around 6 pounds and I haven't really devoted any time to exercise yet. I was really busy and I know that helped but I also know that when I start walking again it should help even more. I hope to start that tomorrow, tonight I have t-ball with big guy :)

Last night I spent some time re-reading old blog posts. I cried. It's amazng to me what can change in 8 months. I have come so far and am so proud of myself. I struggled for a few months in the middle there but I didn't give up and here I am today. I am stronger than I ever knew. I am so much happier at the weight I am at now than I was 50 pounds ago. I know I have a long way to go but it feels good to be comfortable in my own skin again.

I'm thankful I hit rock bottom, I'm thankful I had a friend talk about wanting lap band surgery (thanks Jules!!), I'm thankful for every minute of ths journey and I am thankful to have all of you by my side.


  1. It was meant to be, Colleen! I love the new picture. In each one you post you look younger and younger. :)

    SO very proud of you!!

  2. This is great Colleen! I'm so glad you're feeling so good about things right now. :)

  3. Your port area? You mean like the Old Port? Have you been hanging out at Bjorn Borg?

    Seriously, Colleen, we're so glad that you're doing well. We hope to see you again soon. You're in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. :) This post made me smile - so happy for you my friend!