Saturday, July 11, 2009

Food and Fun

It's been a busy few days for me! Post op Day 1 I went with Grammy and the boys to the Bounce Zone and out to lunch. I was sore and tired by the time we got home but it was fun. Post op day 2 we all went mini golfing and to lunch at a little diner. Again, sore and tired when we got home. That night I was really sore, really. Post op day 3 I took the car for an oil change and then the boys and I headed to Grammy's house for a sleepover. I got to take a nap and then we hit the beach for a walk, took the boys to the playground and then headed home for the night. Today, post op day 4, we went to an amusement park!! I lasted 3.5 hours before really feeling sore and needing to leave.

Food has been interesting. Mostly I have been focusing on getting in enough fluids. Slim Fast is still a good friend of mine since it helps with the protein. I have also been eating low fat cottage cheese, fat free refried beans, healthy request cream of chicken soup, cream of wheat, and SF pudding. I haven't had a problem with any of it. The first two weeks post op I have to stay on "liquids" but the list they gave me includes quite a few foods that I would call "mushies" (stage 2). Whatever, it works!

I feel hungry a few times a day and it hurts!! My stomach rumbles and grumbles and it causes some pain around the band area. It takes only 3-4 ounces of food to fill me up depending on the consistency. Things that are more liquidy obviously go right through the band opening and the thicker things take longer.

One of the more interesting parts in being so active post op is that food choices on the go are hard I bring my water bottle everywhere but sometimes I need to eat!! At the diner the other day I ordered a side of mashed potatoes (soooooo yummy). I ate about half before I was full. Today at the amusement park my only option was soft serve ice cream. It was really yummy but not the best pick nutritionally. Oh well, had to do what I had to do.

My incisions are healing well. All of my steri strips are off now :) The little incisions are great, some a little itchy but not horrible. They all have some bruising. The bigger incision, where the port is, hurts the most. It's quite bruised and itchy right now, yuck.

Hmmmm.....anything else you want to know??

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